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Entre sus antepasados eran noruegos, escoceses. Kristofer Ros activo niño que se divierte en el deporte.

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Película Supernatural - On the Head of a Pin Actores: Ben Edlund; Christopher Heyerdahl; Eric Kripke; Jared Padalecki; Jensen Ackles; Misha Collins; Robert  Christopher Heyerdahl - actor canadiense queA menudo filmado en películas de ciencia ficción y programas de televisión. Se le puede ver en Supernatural,  Supernatural (Temporada 3), Cuarta Temporada de Supernatural Mark Rolston (2/22) y Christopher Heyerdahl (3/22) como Alastair (5/22); Julie McNiven  Christopher Heyerdahl (Columbia Británica; 18 de septiembre de 1963) es un Supernatural o Kingdom Hospital y en pequeños papeles en películas como  Christopher Heyerdahl es un actor canadiense. Actualmente Para otro ejemplo, considere cómo interpretó a Alastair durante tres episodios en Supernatural. Supernatural: Season 6 - DVD By Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles - GOOD.

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You may know Chris as The Swede from the TV series Hell on Wheels and more. Christopher Heyerdahl Online. Please sign in. Remember me. Christopher Heyerdahl plays the second host of Alastair on Supernatural.

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Alastair was a powerful, white-eyed demon who was Hell's grand torturer, and the demonMeg apprenticed under him in the field of torture. He was able to travel from Hell and Earth with incredible ease, something he shares with Azazel. His stature to Lilith is vague, but the way he grudgingly followed her orders indicates that she at the very least out-ranked him. Dean Winchester first Christopher Heyerdahl. From Super-wiki. Jump to: navigation, search.

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Filmografia Completa de Christopher Heyerdahl. Estas son todas las peliculas y series en las que ha participado Christopher Heyerdahl - that gorgeous man that wonderful actor is my one and only choice for Death of the T.Pratchett's Diskworld. Nobody could be better than him in this Christopher Eriksen Heyerdahl. ‹ Back to Heyerdahl surname. Christopher Eriksen Heyerdahl in MyHeritage family trees (Pommerencke Web Site). SciFi Diner Classic Interviews Christopher Heyerdahl from Twilight, Stargate  Christopher Heyerdahl BREAKING DAWN at "Hell on Wheels" Premiere Arrivals.

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Was on Smallville · 6. Was on Supernatural · 7. 2 Mar 2021 Now I enjoy Christopher Heyerdahl in the fantasy other shows he's Fanpop poll Results: Supernatural Battle: Alastair or Yellow Eye Demon? Super creepy voice awesome villain Christopher Heyerdahl he played a creepy incarnation of Alistair or whatever  Christopher Heyerdahl. Birth Name: Birth Place:Vancouver, British 2010.